Wednesday, December 12, 2007

no surprise from bali

The big UN conference on climate change is underway in Bali, in Indonesia. And surprise, the US negotiating team is stonewalling. Basically, they said that they won't agree to any specific targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions until de facto President Bush and the rest of his junta leave office, presumably in January 2009.

I guess there is no point being surprised. Cheney/Bush have been denying, obfuscating, and delaying on climate change the entire 6-plus years they have been in office. Why expect them to change now, just 13 months before they are due to drag their sorry asses out of the White House.

As criminal as their record has been on torture, wiretapping, and signing statements, as much as they have undermined the Constitution, democracy, and our economy, for all the damage they have caused in Iraq both to Iraqis and to the reputation of our country, I fear that in the long run the long delay they have caused on climate change may be what they are most remembered and reviled for.



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