Friday, December 14, 2007

surprise, surprise, they got the rocket

George Mitchell finally released his report on steroid and other booster drugs being used in baseball. It is as bad as expected.

And it seems Roger Clemens' people are upset that he has been named in Mitchell's damning report - in fact, there were nine pages worth of mentions. Clemens' lawyer Rusty "Rusty" Hardin says, "There has never been one shred of tangible evidence that he ever used these substances and yet he is being slandered today."

No tangible evidence? For Pete's sake all you have to do is look at photos of Clemens at age 20, 30 and 40. He is the white, pitcher version of Barry Bonds. All the evidence you need is in his thickening neck.

But that good old boy for some reason got a free ride from much of the baseball press, while Bonds very much did not so.

Now he can stay on his damn farm in Texas and quit coming back for his half-season specials.



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