Sunday, December 16, 2007

dragged kicking and screaming

It is a rare thing for somebody to be booed and hissed at an international diplomatic conference. But that's what happened to the United States at the Bali climate change talks when US representative Paula Dobriansky said the US would not accept a requirement for developed countries to give "measurable, reportable and verifiable" help to developing countries on climate change.

And finally, to my surprise, the US agreed NOT to block consensus and allow an agreement on a "road map" that includes a commitment for ALL countries, developed and developing, to reduce emissions.

Is it enough? I don't know. But it's much better than a diplomatic breakdown would have been. The de facto Bush Administration finally blinked.

The other odd thing about this? I must admit I have never heard of Papua New Guinea playing a leading role in any international event, with the possible exception of the Cargo Cult Convention.



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