Sunday, October 21, 2007

today's wrong and right

The wrong first. Can a four-year-old kid really be a sex offender? In one case, a teacher got a kid labeled that for hugging and having the kid's head come in at her chest. Well, that teacher clearly is too damn soft on the kids - any child that ever breast fed should also be labeled a sex offender for life too.

And on the right, George Will today is right. (Actually, he's always right-wing; today he just happens to be correct too.) Will comes out against the line-item veto for the President, saying this would give the executive even more power that would be tantamount to legislative power. I agree. That said, I also would like Congress to quit treating key bills like christmas trees, hanging their favorite bridge to nowhere on it knowing the President would be unlikely to veto the whole thing. But the end to that abuse can come from Congress itself, which writes the rules for how laws are drafted. It doesn't need to be another power for the White House.



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