Saturday, October 20, 2007

don't panic, not every school teacher is fondling your kid

An alarming and long story from the Associated Press relays some examples of school teachers who have sexually misbehaved with school children makes for some unsettling reading.

As the report notes, there are 3 million teachers in the United States. Over the period 2001-05, AP found 2570 cases of teachers punished - usually fired - for allegations of sexual misconduct. And I'm sure there are plenty of cases where teachers have done something wrong - brushing up against students, even having sex with them - that have not been discovered.

But that is still a very small number out of the entire teacher population. Don't close your eyes to obvious evidence, of course, but don't panic - odds are very very good your kid's teacher isn't fondling your kid.

The odds are much better that YOU are sexually abusing your kid. Or your no-good brother-in-law is. Or dear old granddad.



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