Tuesday, October 16, 2007

real republicans?

This tiff among Republican candidates over who is the "real" Republican is kind of amusing. Frankly, I see Giuliani, McCain, Romney, and Fred Thompson all as real Republicans.

Giuliani lines his pockets and builds taxpayer funded love nests. Kind of like Randy Cunningham. He is estranged from his children like Ronald Reagan. And his somewhat sloppy marital life is reminiscent of Newt Gingrich.

Mitt Romney has the Trent Lott armored hair thing down to a fine art, and his flip-flop on abortion and other social issues when he gets even a whiff of the White House brings back memories of George H. W. Bush, circa 1980.

John McCain swallows his pride and probably his true beliefs by sucking up to de facto President George Bush (despite the hatchet job they did on him in South Caroline in 2000), his ambition to do whatever it takes to get the presidency is positively Nixonian.

And Fred Thompson? He is really Reaganesque - that is, as lazy as Ronald Reagan.

Real Republicans? I'll pass.



Blogger Patty O said...

As a former resident of Massachusetts under Mitt Romney's reign, I remember when he was strictly against gay marriage in the debate to legalize it in the state, and now he wants a constitutional amendment banning it. That in addition to totally flip-flopping when it pleased him on issues like abortion and gun control? Sounds like a real republican to me.

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