Thursday, October 11, 2007

sympathy for the wealthy ... ?

I think George Will is being sarcastic in his column today about the woes of the very very wealthy, when he says "There currently is a sympathy deficit regarding the very rich. Or so the rich might argue because they bear the heavy burden of spending enough to keep today's plutonomy humming."

Will, who must be pretty close to that top 1%, notes that it's becoming more and more expensive to be rich. Why, Forbes Magazine's Cost of Living Extremely Well Index is rising quicker than the Consumer Price Index that is more important to slobs like you and me. Will notes that when luxury items like Louis Vuitton bags are readily available, they just don't count any more for the fabulously wealthy.

Now, I'd be willing to suffer under the strain of maintaining a lifestyle in keeping with being in the top 1% - you know, the people who own half of our wealth and gained something like 75% of Bush's tax cuts. If anybody wants to help me attain that goal, feel free to leave a comment.