Thursday, May 24, 2007

four things about monica goodling's testimony

I. At her testimony before the House Judiciary subcommittee, Monica Goodling said she "crossed the line" in using political criteria to hire professional, civil service lawyers at the de facto Bush Administration's Department of (In)Justice. To be clear folks, when she says "crossed the line" she actually means to say "broke the law."

II. Alberto Gonzales, whose initials are probably the only quality he has that resembles a qualified Attorney General, clearly tried to influence Goodling's testimony. Or else why would he turn a meeting with her into a session where he describes HIS recollection of the Great US Attorney Massacre in some detail and then asks how she remembers it? That is known as tampering with a witness. And that is illegal.

III. I'm so glad to hear House Republicans Dan Lungren and Tom Feeney praise Goodling for having shown why she was worthy of her DOJ job, and for making people "proud" of her service. She was worthy of her job at the Rove-Bush-Gonzales DOJ because she was willing to put politics ahead of public service and the law. Feeney is "proud" of somebody who willingly and knowingly broke the law while in the service of the American people in the Department of JUSTICE for crying out loud, to further Karl Rove's strategy of using voter suppression (his so-called "voter fraud" initiative) to cement a permanent Republican majority, by hook or (mostly) by crook.

IV. Goodling was hilariously underqualified for her job. That's not really her fault, but it shows again how loyalty and ideology trump any other qualification for this Administration.