Tuesday, May 22, 2007

another name in vote suppression

The McClatchey headline says, "Efforts to stop 'voter fraud' may have curbed legitimate voting."

Of COURSE it did -- that is the entire friggin' point. Karl Rove doesn't do this stuff for his health, you know.

This article points to the role of political appointee Justice lawyer (now on the Federal Election Committee (FEC), another of Bush' infamous "recess appointees") Hans von Spakovsky in trying to curb the vote. In addition to supporting voter ID laws in states like Georgia, he wasn't shy in throwing his weight around within Justice to prevent anything counter to his anti-democratic (in BOTH senses of the word) views from getting through, and in ejecting Paul DiGregorio from the FEC because of the "bipartisan approaches" DiGregorio took while chairman of the FEC.

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