Tuesday, May 22, 2007

richardson announces; this is news?

These news stories are kind of silly. Everybody who pays any attention to politics at all knew that Bill Richardson was running for president. His announcement is akin to Bud Selig calling a press conference tomorrow to announce that the Major League Baseball Season has begun.

The article avoids something that WILL be raised should Richardson somehow catch fire and become a significant contender. Women. There are stories and rumors alleging Richardson womanizes and acts coarsely towards women. Are they true? Beats me -- I don't hang out with Richardson. Are they relevant to his candidacy? Depends on the extent, the willingness of the other women, etc. But will these rumors be a campaign issue? Only if Richardson looks like a winner. He also reputedly has a pretty bad temper. But so do George W. Bush and Bill Clinton and John McCain -- that won't hurt him, assuming he doesn't blow up and smack a voter on TV.

You could do a LOT worse than Bill Richardson for President. He's smart, sophisticated, engaged, aware of international issues, even has executive experience as governor of New Mexico. But I still think he's running for Secretary of State.



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