Sunday, May 20, 2007

bay buchanan, free-lance psychiatrist or partisan attack dog?

In her new attack-book Bay Buchanan, battle-hardened sister of Patrick Buchanan and long-time conservative Republican strategist, has diagnosed Hillary Clinton with a narcissistic personality disorder that would make her a dangerous president. This, despite the fact that Buchanan is NOT a medical professional and probably has NOT spent much time observing Senator Clinton in person. (On the other hand, I'd love to see Bay's diagnosis of George W. Bush, where we DO have 6-plus years worth of real evidence that he would be a dangerous president.)

As Media Matters points out, Buchanan was able to blather about her prognosis unchallenged on Hannity & Colmes AND on MSNBC Live. Buchanan isn't merely promoting her book (which I will not name here -- suffice it to say that it is published by right-wing Regnery Publishing and takes the attitude toward Hillary Clinton that you would expect), she is ALSO working in a senior role for the presidential campaign of right-wing anti-immigration GOP no-hoper Tom Tancredo -- which was not mentioned on either interview.

I too am not a medical professional. I know practically nothing about Bay Buchanan than what I've seen of her on TV. So I feel well qualified to offer my own personal diagnosis of Ms Buchanan.

She, like Charles Krauthammer, is afflicted with a severe case of hypocrisy, which is only manifested towards Democrats.

Prognosis: It will continue until her death, unless she decides she could make more money attacking Republicans (very unlikely).

I hope Krauthammer (who IS a trained medical professional, making his statements about Al Gore needing lithium when Gore was speaking out against invading Iraq even more insidious and underhanded) will publicly criticize Buchanan for her absurd, politically motivated assessment of Hillary Clinton's mental health, exactly as he did when writer Michelle Cotter offered her own diagnosis in the New Republic about Dick Cheney's mental state.

But you know, I suspect intellectual honesty and consistency on the question of non-professionals offering diagnoses of politicians' mental conditions will not be something Krauthammer is interested in. Come on Charles -- prove me wrong!


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