Tuesday, May 22, 2007

gore was right

EJ Dionne is positive about Al Gore and his new book, "The Assault on Reason." But Dionne is engaged in wishful thinking to state (referring to Gore's book) that

"... the larger change is that the very process Gore describes -- of propaganda taken as fact, of slogans taken as arguments, of repetition substituting for logic and, yes, of lies and half-truths taken as truth -- is now well-recognized. What worked against Gore during the recount and what worked for the administration in the run-up to the Iraq war doesn't work anymore. That is an advance for democracy and for reason."

It is premature to say that it doesn't work. And for sure the tactic hasn't been dropped. Just look at the mainstream media's ass-kissing attitudes towards Rudy Giuliani - who was wrong in his reply to Ron Paul - and Mitt Romney, who even by politician standards has been truly heroic in his flipflopping since he was once a politician who out-liberaled Ted Kennedy on gay rights. And look at the ongoing slanders that the media repeats against John Edwards ($400 haircut, subtle intimations that Edwards is feminine or gay, etc) and the other leading Democratic candidates.

But Dionne is right that Gore was "right about the power of the Internet, right about global warming and right about Iraq." The electorate was right to vote Gore in as President in November 2000, including Florida voters who DID deliver a majority to Gore. But the right-wing Supreme Court couldn't abide that decision, and things have gone wrong ever since. I bet more than one of the five justices in the majority regret their decision. Right, Sandra and Anthony? And the mainstream media's campaign assassination campaign against Gore (and the flip-side, their love-fest with Bush) allowed things to be close enough for the Supremes to play their role.



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