Tuesday, April 24, 2007

give a wiccan a break

Glad to see that the de facto Bush Administration, faced with losing in the courts, has decided that the Wiccan symbol (the pentagram) may be chosen for the headstones at Arlington National Cemetary and other federal cemetaries. I mean, why the hell not? They have, in addition to the relatively common Christian cross, the Jewish Star of David, and Muslim crescent and star, symbols of more obscure religions -- and even a symbol for atheists. Not to mention symbols for religions I never even heard of -- the Aaronic Order Church, anybody? Konko-Kyo Faith? Eckankar?

Why so long for the Wiccans? Because George W. Bush and his theocon buddies think they are witches, like the ones we burned in Salem, Massachusetts, that drink the blood of babies and all that sort of rot. In fact, they are basically fairly benign nature worshippers who see themselves more akin to the ancient Druids.

I find the Wiccan religion to be fairly incomprehensible and not entirely logical. But hey, that's how many religions seem to me, so if somebody wants that symbol, they should be allowed to have it.



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