Friday, March 09, 2007

the southern chubby newt does not mate for life

Newt Gingrich, staunch advocate of family values, confirms that he was cheating on his wife during the Clinton/Lewinsky investigation and impeachment. He says it's not the same as, not as bad as what Clinton did, because Clinton was wrong for lying to a judge. Of course, he only lied because Ken "Torquemada" Starr had by then gone far afield from the Whitewater "scandal"* to investigate Clinton's sex life, an issue for Bill and Hillary but really not one for the rest of us.

So, Newt says, I didn't actually commit a CRIME while cheating on my second wife the way I cheated on my first wife.

It is accurate to say that Newt is not a criminal for his fooling around.

It is also accurate to say that he is a grade-A hypocrite.

No doubt many conservative Christian types will forgive the chubby Georgian Newt for his errors, even though they cannot find forgiveness in their heart for Bill Clinton (or even for Hillary Clinton, whose main sin seems to be having remained married to Bill). They are often ready to turn a blind eye to unGodly behavior in a politician that they otherwise think will advance their agenda.

*The reason Republicans were scandalized by Whitewater? Because they don't understand how an insider deal can result in actually LOSING money. It shakes their faith in graft and corruption.



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