Saturday, March 03, 2007

some observations about walter reed hospital

A couple of thoughts about the unfolding scandal concerning outpatient treatment at the Army's Walter Reed Hospital.

First, it's all well and good that heads are rolling. But to be honest, isn't some of the blame the fact that the de facto Bush Administration has not provided adequate funding for Reed and other places that are dealing with huge increases in maimed soldiers? I mean, this wasn't a problem in 1999, say, when we weren't occupying a country that doesn't want us there.

Second, the fact that inadequate funding for body armor and armored vehicles for "non-combat" personnel in Iraq has made Reed's task tougher and given them more patients to deal with.

Third, this attention to the wellbeing of injured military personnel will last as long as the media spotlight does. Then the Bushies will again return to ignoring the issue.

I kinda wish Rumsfeld were still in charge at the Pentagon, so we could hear him say "you have to go to war with the hospitals you have, not the hospitals you would like to have."


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