Wednesday, March 07, 2007

judgment and pleas

'Tis the month for judgments, for pleas for mercy, even hope for pardons. No, I'm not talking about America's newest convicted felon, Scooter Libby. I'm talking making the picks for the men's NCAA basketball championship.

We're seeing the less-well-known conferences name their champions this week. You know that unknowns Wright State upsetting top twenty team Butler for the Horizon championship will likely cost some power conference team a shot at the tournament.

And boo-frigging-hoo. If you're upset because you finished an impressive 9th in the Big Hoop League with a 18-13 record (5-9 in conference) and are bounced because somebody like Butler or Creighton gets picked at-large, tough. Win more damn games in your power conference and you get the pick anyway, practically as an entitlement. I agree with Wilbon -- teams like Appalachian State deserve a spot more than Florida State or Iowa.


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