Wednesday, February 28, 2007

one good thing about an asian supremacist

Self-proclaimed "Asian supremacist" Kenneth Eng, has gotten some criticism over his opinion piece at Asian Week. You know, the one titled "Why I Hate Blacks." Among other things, Eng said blacks were "weak-willed" because they were the only race that allowed themselves to be enslaved for 300 years. Guess Eng's historical knowledge is right up there with his sense of tact, since slavery has been part of the human condition for a long, long time. There were plenty of Chinese and Russians and Greeks, to just name a few, who were also slaves for hundreds of years. Not all, sure -- but hey, the percentage of blacks who were enslaved was also very small since most of them lived in Africa and weren't enslaved in the Americas.

Surprisingly, that column can not be found at Asia Week's website. But this jerk has written a couple of other similarly enlightened pieces, including one on "Why I Hate Asians." The main reason, apparently, was that Asians are too quick to suck up to whites, and are too quick to adopt British and "Negro" accents and language.

A charming person, this Eng, who has written a couple of science fiction books. But I'm kinda glad to hear about this guy. Always glad to confirm that racism isn't the exclusive domain of whites. He must be pining for the Japan of the 1930s with their notions of racial superiority.

But wait -- Eng is a CHINESE name. And the Chinese were clearly inferior to the Japanese because they, after all, had lost a bunch of wars and a bunch of land and allowed their country to be dominated by a bunch of foreigners, including the Japanese.

Sorry about that Eng, guess your ancestors weren't so superior after all.