Monday, September 11, 2006

consistency, cheney-style

Glad to see the de facto Vice President isn't letting things get him down. Despite admitting the insurgency in Iraq wasn't in its last throes, Cheney continues to stick to his guns. He still equates withdrawal from Iraq as conceding to terrorists. He says knowing what we know today -- no WMD -- he would still have gone into Iraq. He still insists that Iraq was sponsoring international terrorism and "hosted" Al-Zarqawi. Remember, he was living in the Kurdish areas and Saddam regarded him as an enemy.

Consistency is the hobgoblin of a foolish mind. Cheney's consistency in the face of all that has happened since Mr. Bush's War began (or even since 9/11) rises to the level of insane, not foolish. Maybe Charles Krauthammer, who has accused Al Gore of going off his meds, would like to diagnose the VP for us all.


Blogger dusty said...

Isn't that freak friggin amazing? When you constantly repeat the same bs over and over..its called propaganda..

4:17 AM  

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