Friday, September 08, 2006

some good news from iraq

Maybe I've been a bit harsh on Mr. Bush's War, and too quick to say there was no good news out of Iraq. So in the spirit of fairness, I'm pleased today to announce that one sector of Iraq's economy is absolutely booming. Business opportunities are exploding -- in fact, the potential market in Baghdad alone tripled in August. And we expect growth to rocket for the forseeable future in this service where Baghdad's people are dying to be served.

The sector? Mortician services. You see, over 1500 people were taken to Baghdad's morgue in August after being killed in acts of violence, almost triple the figure for August 2005, and 100 times greater than August 2002, when only 15 people were killed by gunfire. If anything, this UNDERSTATES the economic potential here because many people killed in gunfire and bombings are taken to hospitals rather than the morgue and aren't included in the official figures. And now Baghdad's municipal government is considering building two new morgues. So jump in now while the market is hot.

In any case, these updated numbers refute the comment by Maj. Gen. William Caldwell that violence in Baghdad was down by 46% for August. That was accurate, except for the parts that were completely wrong.


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