Wednesday, September 06, 2006

meet the new campaign slogan, same as the old campaign slogan

Once again de facto President Bush has unveiled the Republican's campaign strategy. They will say "Boo" at us more and more loudly until we wet our pants and vote for the authoritarian I mean tough Republicans who will surely protect us from Bin Laden and the other scaries out there.

Never mind that it was a Democratic administration that foiled the Millennium plot in 1999/2000. Never mind it was this very same Republican administration that snoozed throughout early 2001 despite warnings from the outgoing Clintonistas and their own terrorism experts at the FBI and elsewhere that warned about an impending attack. Never mind that Iraq is NOT the place to "defeat" terrorists, but is in fact the place where we are breeding MORE anti-American terrorists in a place that -- repeat after me -- HAD NO CONNECTION TO THE ATTACKS OF SEPTEMBER 11.

Of course, they are resorting to this because they have nothing else to offer. A reputation for competence? Definitively shredded by Katrina. Economic management? Check out our bigger-than-ever trade and budget deficits. They got NOTHING to run on but fear. Nothing.


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