Friday, September 08, 2006

disbelieving the disbelievers

It only takes a couple of minutes of reading through Vaguely Logical to learn that I am not a big fan of the de facto Bush Administration. They are the most incompetent, deceptive, ideological, power-grabbing, and unpleasant a bunch of characters to ever disgrace the White House (and yes, I considered the Nixon and Harding administrations).

But I cannot believe what the disbelievers (including at least one former Bush Administration official!) claim: that the Bushies had some role in the attacks of September 11.

No, they didn't "let it happen on purpose" (and for that matter, neither did FDR with Pearl Harbor). No, they didn't "make it happen on purpose." No, British intelligence and Mossad were NOT involved. If you think the Bush Administration could keep such a massive plot a secret, you grossly overestimate the ability of the government to keep secrets -- especially one like this would be, involving the slaughter of nearly 3000 innocents. And where, pray tell, are the hundreds of people on the four planes if there were no planes involved?

As for why Bush just sat there listening to the Florida schoolkids read that children's book that morning after Andrew Card told him what had happened -- simple. He was stunned. Partying fratboy George W. Bush, who has had everything in his life handed to him on a silver platter, sat there, stunned by the thought that being President might be harder than he thought. It was the natural reaction of an incompetent realizing he has been thrust into a position beyond his modest abilities.

Yes, the Bush Administration has used 9/11 egregiously to partisan advantage, to scare Americans into supporting their anti-democratic policies, to defeat patriots like Max Cleland, and to justify an immoral, absurd, and self-defeating war in Iraq. And I agree they were insouciant to a fault in the months before 9/11, pooh-poohing warnings from the outgoing Clintonistas and from their own terrorism experts.

But they didn't blow up the World Trade Centers or bomb the Pentagon, and they didn't knowingly stand by while others did their dirty work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

spelling correction:
sat their, stunned should be
Sat there, stunned

10:28 PM  
Blogger ScubaGuy said...

While Bush is certainly an idiot, Cheney and Rumsfeld are not. As in most successful conspiracies (the atom bomb, the stealth aircraft), information is compartmentalized, and most of those involved didn’t know the “big picture,” they just knew enough to do their job. A former detective turned investigative reporter named Michael Ruppert wrote an excellent book, “Crossing the Rubicon,” which makes a strong case for government involvement in 9-11, using the government’s own documentation and verifiable sources… more than enough evidence to get indictments, if not convictions. As to where the planes went if they didn't hit the targets... that would be theorizing.

5:51 AM  
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