Tuesday, August 01, 2006

how inappropriate...

This New York Times article starts, "Almost as stunning as Mel Gibson's anti-Jewish tirade when arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in the early hours of last Friday was the speed at which the scandal unfolded, doing serious damage to one of Hollywood’s most valuable careers along the way."

For me, what was far more stunning was the revelation that Disney ABC had actually been working with Gibson to do a HOLOCAUST-THEMED MINISERIES. I kid you not. Disney ABC Monday announced it was dropping those plans because they "haven't seen a script", but you know damn well they dropped it because the gross inappropriateness has been made so very public by Gibson's renewed anti-semitic rants. No news on whether the planned ABC special on the History of the American Negro, to be produced by the KKK, will continue. (Rats, Rabbi Marvin Hier said pretty much the same thing already.)


Anonymous SurroundedByTheMan said...

I heard that and couldn't f*cking believe it. Gibson's dad didn't believe the Holocaust happened, so what great treasure was Gibson going to give them? Jews moved to Atlantis with the f*cking Gypsys?

5:29 PM  

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