Thursday, July 27, 2006

ooh ooh, pick me, pick me!

I sometimes look at Blogger's "Blogs of Note" choices, and I must admit I don't quite understand how Blogger picks 'em. So let's see what Blogger has highlighted for us today, shall we?

Geeks Are Sexy. OK, this is easy to explain -- just the title would make Blogger staff likely to fall for this, and the blog is full of shiny electronic stuff for geeky consumers to drool over. Leaves me cold.

On being a scientist and a woman. Also understandable, and an interesting blog that I've read before. Blogging since April 2005.

Bluepulseblog. All about getting content for cellphones. I would gouge my eyes out rather than read this blog on a regular basis, but if you get sexually aroused by cellphones, or if you don't find ironic the Arctic Monkeys' lyric that says there are only new songs so we can have new ring tones, this might be good for you. Since October 2005.

Budak in Berlin. Some student blogs about his six weeks in Germany. Actually, not as bad as it sounds. Some cool photos. And he isn't blogging about frigging cellphones, so that's a plus. Been at at it since June 2006, I guess.

nmherps. No, I couldn't decipher this one either -- apparently an abbreviation for "New Mexico Herpes." Just joking, really "New Mexico Herpetology," all about snake rescues at the Wildlife Center in Arroyo Seco, NM. Interesting, nifty snake photos, and again a scientific topic. Been on Blogger since April 2006.

Digital Inspiration. This is a blog by a tech writer, Amit Agarwal. It is for techies. Sample entry subject: The Man Who Invented Ctrl-Alt-Del Keyboard Shortcut. I kid you not. He has a couple of archive entries from 1990 (!!), been doing this blog regularly since July 2004.

Spinfluencer, by Eric Schwartzman, explains how "marketing, advertising, public relations, the news media and emerging technologies influence perceptions." Looks pretty good, been doing this blog since January 2005.

Good evening. It appears to be a blog by or for John Hodgman (Daily Show, the bland PC guy in those Apple commercials), and has a dry, offbeat sense of humor. I assume it is by that dude; if not, arrest that man for impersonating a TV comic. Very dry humor. No cell phone software links or breathless updates about Windows 3K, nor the history of the use of colons in writing code for Commodore 64s.

Sports Law Blog. Several contributors who, unsurprisingly, write about sports from a legal perspective. I've seen this before, and I quite like it. Again, thankfully there are no techie links like updates on BlueBalls, a brand new wireless application that will allow your toaster to contact your cellphone when your english muffin is burning. Archives back to November 2003. Ancient by blog standards!

And finally, Sketchblog, in which a young artist posts her sketches. Some of the drawings aren't bad, and she clearly likes Tolkien and rock music. In this blog's favor, there are no articles describing how to get more performance from your video bus by overclocking the schiffernaxxel in your computer, or on how to download lemonade to your cellphone. And she began blogging on -- July 24, 2006. Instant success, on Blogger for 37 seconds and already a Blog of Note.

So, how do YOU get listed as a "Blog of Note?"

Beats me. But here's a photo of a cellphone with a Google map on it.