Friday, July 28, 2006

we don't need no stinking ethics

The blandly named Tom Davis (R-Va) a few years back was about to become chairman of the House Government Reform Committee. So his friend, smelling an opportunity, starts a company consulting with tech firms seeking government contracts. The friend (Donald Upson) hires a Virginia politician, name of Jeannemarie Devolites. Devolites soon after marries Tom Davis.

And now the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct tells Davis that having his wife work for Upson's company is OK "as long as the couple does not personally benefit from any official acts by the congressman."

Oh, good decision, solomonic House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. I'm sure that sleeping with a powerful chairman couldn't POSSIBLY bring any benefits to the company, and even if it did, none of those benefits would POSSIBLY accrue to the wife/employee, who I'm sure is paid minimum wage for 60 hours a week of backbreaking labor. And I'm sure the Committee would have ruled the same way if Davis had been a Democrat. Because after all, the Committee is made up of high minded public servants and friends of that paragon of ethical conduct Tom DeLay, and they wouldn't possibly condone even the slightest whiff of scandal, misconduct, or conflict of interest.

Read the article and judge whether any of the company's activities look like they benefitted Mr. or Mrs. Davis... I think it's clear.