Tuesday, August 01, 2006

transportation woes

This really is absurd, moving military workers from DC and close-in suburbs to Fort Belvoir. It won't save money, it adds badly to the area's sprawl, it takes thousands of workers off of public transportation (hey, maybe I can get a seat on the Metro), and it'll cause traffic nightmares of monumental proportions near Ft Belvoir. Every day these people drive to work will be like a concert at the Nissan Pavilion, only with less music and beer.

Allegedly this is for the safety of the military workers. First, I have to say to the Pentagon -- wusses. Second, that's absurd. Most of these people work at obscure offices that nobody knows nor cares about. Al Qaeda focuses on high-visibility targets. Another attack on the Pentagon? Possible. An attack on the US Army Office of Bookbinding? Unlikely.

And speaking of Metro, they are unveiling new subway cars with fewer seats and more standing space. Sure hope short people can reach those handles. Oh, and there will be cameras in those new cars so Metro can study how they work, so if you're committing a crime or told your boss you were sick to go to a day game at RFK, consider avoiding the new cars.


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