Saturday, May 27, 2006

live and let die on the world's roof

This climber was found alive -- barely -- but this guy was left for dead on Mt Everest. We are in the middle of the climbing season on the world's tallest peak, and there have been fifteen deaths so far.

To which I say, tough. I can't feel much sympathy for somebody who decides to spend $50,000 to hire trained mountaineers to help drag their ass up to Everest's peak, so they can go back to the country club and brag about their "exploits."

For a good look at the commercialization of climbing Mount Everest, and the risks included, read Jon Krakauer's classic "Into Thin Air," a harrowing, gripping account of a climb gone wrong, where Krakauer blames himself (wrongly, it appears from facts that became available after publication) for neglect in the death of a fellow climber, and discusses the dangers of unqualified climbers being dragged up the mountain.