Thursday, May 25, 2006

more proof cheney is nuts

You know, one of the funniest things about Plamegate is that de facto vice president Dick "Shotgun" Cheney asked "Did his (Ambassador Joe Wilson's) wife send him on a junket?"

A junket? To NIGER? How fucking out of it is Cheney to see that as a JUNKET? Look, I've never been to Niger, but I know it is a dirt poor desert country that is not high on the world list of tourist destinations. I mean, look at what the State Department web site says about Niger. Critical crime levels. Rampant malaria and other disease, with very poor medical facilities. Unsafe drinking water. Bad roads. Murdered foreign workers. Attacks against foreign tourists.

And I bet there isn't one single Starbucks, or casino, or Disney theme park, or cashmere store, or Augusta-quality golf course in the entire country. Niger is not a destination for a junket. Just one more snippet of proof that some time since he left the Pentagon in 1993, Dick Cheney has gone insane.