Tuesday, May 23, 2006

identity theft again

Somebody at the Veterans Administration steals personal data including social security numbers for 26 million veterans home, and somebody breaks in and steals his PC harddrive and laptop. De facto Torturer Apologist/Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, said: "I've directed prosecutors to exercise zero tolerance for those who engage in identity theft that may be related to this incident."

Hey, Alberto -- what about OTHER cases of identity theft? No zero tolerance for THOSE victims? Prosecutors tend to avoid identity theft cases -- they are complicated, there isn't always physical evidence, and sometimes cops assume there is little damage because nobody has been (physically) injured. The Government and businesses need to get serious about protecting personally data, penalties for failure to protect our information need to be higher, and we need a serious privacy law that restores the power to control personal info to the TRUE owner of said information -- you and me.