Wednesday, May 24, 2006

gonzales elaborates

Our beloved de facto attorney general reassures us that the Administration doesn't want to arrest journalists, but the focus is on getting those who leak classified info. Sayeth Gonzales, "Let me try to reassure journalists that my primary focus, quite frankly, is on the leak -- on leakers who share the information with journalists." He also said that he would prefer to persuade journalists "that it would be better not to publish those kind of stories."

Oh, that's okay then. They don't want to arrest journalists, they just don't want them to publish any of "those kind of stories," in other words stories that point out crimes and screw-ups by this absurd administration. And if journalists have in the back of their mind that little nugget that AG once said that the law could be applied to journalists and they decide not to publish some revelation of malfeasance or incompetence, all the better, right Torturerer-Advocate?