Saturday, March 11, 2006

somebody talk some sense into michelman, quick

I hope somebody visits ex-NARAL President Kate Michelman soon and gently explains the huge errors in her thinking, if she is serious about running as an independent in the Pennsylvania Senate election this fall. Michelman says leading Democrat candidate Bob Casey is a nice guy, but criticizes him for not being pro-choice.

Fair enough. But SURELY Michelman has noticed that Casey is not running for Senate in a vacuum, but is trying to oust one of the leading Papist-Theocrats in the Republican Party, Rick "Death to Abortionists and Death to Evolutionists and I'm not too keen about gays either" Santorum? And surely Michelman has noticed that getting Casey into the Senate brings the Democrats that much closer to control of the Senate where they could try to stop truly horrific judges like Roberts and Alito from being appointed to our courts?

Look, I'm strongly pro-choice. But responsible pro-choice activists need to look at the entire range of issues. Casey isn't great on abortion, and I don't like that. But ye gods, he's better than Santorum on most issues that are important to women. And the race this fall could be close.

We don't need no stinking Naders. Michelman, stay off the ballot.