Wednesday, March 08, 2006

climate change hair on fire moments increasing

Even mainstream media columnists are beginning to realize there are potentially major problems facing us on climate change. David Ignatius is right, we need to act quickly. You know my concerns if you read this blog regularly. I truly worry that future generations will curse the name of the United States and George W Bush over this issue, far more than over things like torture and invading Iraq. So does Ignatius:
Usually, America's political antics are forgivable, but not on this issue. As evidence grows that human activity is accelerating dangerous changes in the world's climate, the Bush administration's excuses for inaction are running out. History will not forgive political leaders who failed to act on this issue, and neither should voters.
There may be one last excuse that the scoundrels will seek as their last refuge against taking action that might cost oil companies part of their profits: "oops, it's too late so there's nothing we can do about it now." Watch, they'll be saying that as people go fishing over downtown Miami.