Saturday, March 11, 2006

claude allen isn't a real republican

It's scandalous that Claude Allen, former domestic policy advisor to de facto President Bush, is accused of defrauding department stores by essentially shoplifting items and getting refunds for them. Absolutely scandalous, no real born-again Christian Republican would stoop to such acts.

It is an affront to REAL Republicans like Jack Abramoff and Ken Lay and Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay, who steal or loot or accept as bribes for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS (if not hundreds of millions) of dollars at a time. It's an affront to REAL Republicans like Shotgun Cheney, who direct BILLIONS of dollars in contracts to companies like Halliburton (and Halliburton is STILL paying Cheney), without bothering with the hassle of competing against other firms, or having to offer full disclosure on how they spend the taxpayers' money.

Really, Claude Allen -- you were around the Republican elite long enough to know that $5000 in faked refunds isn't worth the candle. Couldn't you have just done the usual Republican thing and set up some sort of scam charity and forced people to give money to your charitable foundation (which would naturally pay you and your friends and relatives a generous salary for minimal work) if they want your ear and to take advantage of your access? Clearly, Allen has a lot to learn about being a Republican operative.