Friday, March 10, 2006

dynastic politics in the home of dynasties

Can you believe it? In Egypt, there is a whole raft of second-generation sons-of-politicians waiting to take over. A veritable pseudo-elected aristocracy of elitists with a sense of entitlement, the son of President for Ever Hosni Mubarak prominent among them.

Clearly in a true democracy, people are selected and elected based on their qualifications and their philosophies and their ability to convey their views to the people, not just because they happen to have a prominent father or brother or sister or husband or something like that. A healthy democracy avoids family dynasties and looks for fresh blood. We've seen such penny ante "elected" dynasties in tinpot dictatorships masquerading as republics in places like North Korea, Syria, and Haiti, and Egypt is obviously on the same rotten path.

For example, here in the United States the number of politicians who have relied on the family name and connections to get ahead has been limited to only ... umm, errrr, oops.... (scratching head)

Never mind.