Friday, March 10, 2006

shame on THE george washington university

Incredible. A kid checks into the university hospital saying he's depressed and thinking of suicide, and the university KICKS HIM OUT FOR VIOLATING RULES OF STUDENT CONDUCT? Wow, that is harsh.

His vilation of the rules of conduct -- "endangering behavior" -- was nothing more than saying "I'm depressed and think a lot about suicide". Not just harsh, that is inhumane. I guess The (they insist on the stupid capitalized "The", just like "The Ohio State University" and "The Leland Stanford Junior University") George Washington University thought if they could kick the student out before he offed himself they could try to avoid liability.

I agree caring for suicidal college students is tough, they are somewhere between child and adult so the legal status is awkward. But to kick a kid out for this is absolutely unconscionable. And for the record, the student has transferred to the University of Maryland, hasn't committed suicide, and is on track to graduate early.

The GWU should be ashamed of itself.