Thursday, February 16, 2006

worse than cheney, worse than expected

As fun as it is to jump on de facto Vice President Cheney for shooting his hunting companion and trying to hide it (he is allegedly "profoundly affected" by it, but I remain skeptical that anything can touch that oil-soaked heart), it pales compared to the true ongoing tragedy -- climate change.

Scientists now believe the ice sheet on Greenland is melting even quicker than believed, and began as long as 30 years ago. The pace of melting has DOUBLED in the past five years. One climate researcher says sea levels could conceivably rise as much as 16 feet in the next century, which would be devastating.

Dick Cheney once sneered that energy conservation was a "personal virtue." Conserving energy -- specifically, reducing the use of carbon fuels -- could give us the chance to mitigate this slow-motion train wreck. Don't know if it's too late or not, but shouldn't we at least TRY?

Won't happen as long as Big Oil controls the White House.