Monday, February 13, 2006

more on cheney shooting spree cover-up

A Vaguely Logical reader yesterday asked a very good question: Was Dick Cheney drunk when he shot Whittington on the Armstrong Ranch? It's a fair question AND it could explain the 24-hour delay in making the news public... long enough to pump some coffee thru Cheney's veins and get the booze out.

Today de facto White House press toadie Scott McClellan had to defend Darth Cheney and the White House's failure to disclose the incident until the Armstrong family decided it would be impossible to cover up and called a Corpus Christi newspaper to report the shooting.

The White House press was not impressed by McClellan's description of the process by which this famously media-shy, media-manipulative White House decided to let the Armstrong's reveal the news. Maybe that's because they hoped she wouldn't?

A simple rule of thumb. When an elected government official shoots somebody, under any circumstances, that's news.