Friday, February 10, 2006

more on the los angeles plot and nsa spying

So even our intelligence guys think the announcement by de facto President Bush about a thwarted terrorist attack in LA was nothing but politics. Gosh, what a surprise. They said there was "deep disagreement" within intelligence circles about whether the "plot" to attack the Library Tower was anything more than just talk. One guy said the announcement was just designed to deflect attention from criticism over the NSA's warrantless domestic spying.

No less surprising was de facto Vice President/Torturer Extraordinaire Darth Cheney's suggestion yesterday that the GOP make the NSA eavesdropping controversy into a POSITIVE campaign issue. You really gotta hand it to this crew -- when handed lemons, they take the lemons, call them oranges, make something they insist is chardonnay, and sell it as if it were the finest champagne. Following Karl Rove's idea that GOP should use this to show they are Tough on Terror, and the Democrats are therefore Pro-Terrorist. In this case though, with even many conservatives uncomfortable with the unwarranted spying, it may come out more like a bitter ale.