Thursday, February 09, 2006

a plot thwarted?

De facto President Bush today laid out how his administration thwarted a terrorist attack on Los Angeles in 2002.

Let's see how many more thwarted terrorist attacks are revealed by the White House over the next few months, in the run-up to the fall elections.

Hey, I hate to be so cynical about our government but haven't we seen this sort of GOP politicization of terrorism before? Remember how the Republicans used 9/11 against Democrats in the fall 2002 elections, including the shameful painting of Senator Max Cleland (who lost three limbs in Vietnam, the same war Bush dodged thru joining the National Guard and going AWOL) as being soft on terrorism because Cleland supported union rights for Department of Homeland Security employees? And Keith Olbermann's study showing the correlation between political problems for the Bushies and elevating terror alert levels?

(Hey, I can't find that October 12 entry on Olbermann's blog at MSNBC, but I can find the entry for October 11 and October 13. Even when I enter the code for the link from when I blogged about this in October, I just get Olbermann's dormant blog. Cover-up? WTF?)

The fact that the White House didn't alert LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa before making their announcement today is classic. Hey, why tell the opposition (Villaraigosa is a Democrat) what you're doing before making a self-serving and impossible-to-disprove announcement like this?