Friday, March 06, 2009

everybody's in favor of health care reform...

At least so it would appear from the health care summit President Obama held at the White House. Insurers, politicians, big business - all making positive noises that reform is needed, the current system fails many American patients and businesses, etc.

But I thought Utah Senator Robert Bennett (a Republican) sounded an appropriate warning. He agreed with "absolutely everything" Bill Clinton said in his 1993 address to Congress... but then disagreed with almost the entire plan.

From the Post: "Bipartisanship is not just a nice thing we say to each other before we touch gloves, go to our corners and come out swinging when the bell rings," Bennett said. Health reform will require "wrenching change," he added. If it is to succeed, political leaders in both parties will have to "join hands and jump off the cliff together."

I happen to think this can probably be done without 100% Republican support. But some would be good...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I listened to a live feed from and in one of the rooms, not sure who was speaking, it was said "It is hard to believe our grocery stores are more IT savvy than our medical industry is." (paraphrased)

Clearly that doesn't mean medical technology, but the IT support surrounding it. And... it is pretty sad.

9:23 AM  

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