Wednesday, March 04, 2009

rushing to suck up to rush

It's fun watching Republicans like RNC chairman Michael Steele suck up to Rush Limbaugh, and hastening to grovel if they have the temerity to criticize the fat old oxycontin-popping "entertainer". Even if - ESPECIALLY if - they criticism is true.

So what does Rush bring to the GOP? Well, he has his 20 million ditto-head listeners. But hey, it's not like most of those guys (for guys they are, mostly) will leave the conservative precincts to cast a vote for a Democrat just because some Republican says something bad about old Rush.

Instead, they get to see Rush's face back in the headlines, helping remind independent voters that THIS is the Republican Party's de facto leader. Helping remind them of Limbaugh's appeals to latent racism, scare tactics, and the old stand-by, outright lies in the cause of reactionary radical Republicanism.

Helping remind them why they voted Democratic last time, and why they should do so next time.

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