Tuesday, March 03, 2009

the sins of the recent past

The Sins of Torture and Covering Up

Speaking about the fact that the CIA destroyed 92 tapes of interrogations, spokesman George Little said "If anyone thinks it's agency policy to impede the enforcement of American law, they simply don't know the facts."

Well then Mr Little, perhaps you would care to enlighten us. Because it doesn't look good. US government agencies, famous for their pack-rat tendencies, don't usually get rid of - destroy - documents and records like those videos lightly. Especially after court orders instructing their preservation are issued, as was the case here.

Face it, it looks bad. If the Agency has some "facts" that would better explain what to the uninitiated might look like "destruction of evidence of torture" or "covering their ass", maybe they would like to share with the class? Otherwise, I think we can all safely assume (even if we can't prove it in a court of law) that the CIA has intentionally destroyed proof that it was torturing people, in the name of the American people. Which is sickening. And illegal (torture and destruction of evidence).

The Sins of Trampling on Our Rights

Meanwhile, a batch of Bush-era legal memos post-911 have been released. Seems those memos, including some by the infamous John Yoo, were all rescinded because they contained "errors" in legal reasoning. Although some of them weren't rescinded until the last WEEK of the woeful de facto Bush era.

"Errors"? How kind. They weren't "errors." They were clear efforts by lawyers who were more loyal to Bush-Cheney than to the Constitution to provide legal cover for illegal and unconstitutional actions. They weren't errors, they were POLICIES.

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