Monday, March 02, 2009

let's be more like canada, eh?

We like to make fun of our Canadian neighbors. But you know, they have some good things going for them.

Like health care. Nick Kristof has a good column picking apart the kneejerk reaction to the idea of national health care that "we'll all have to wait months for an operation like in Canada."

Well, a health care system that gives us, at the price of the highest expenditure on health care per capita in the world ($6800), a lower life expectancy than Cyprus and children that die twice as often as in Portugal and women that die in childbirth three times more often than in Greece maybe isn't the grand bargain you think. Especially when you remember that when you lose your job, you lose your insurance too - a double hit.

Maybe the Canadian system isn't so bad.

And now as we pump cash into AIG and Citibank and count the dead and dying banks, we can look north and see a country full of healthy banks. In fact, Canada has the healthiest banking system in the world. Why? A combination of cautious regulation and cautious moves by the banks themselves.

So personally I'd love to be a little bit more like Canada. Although I will draw the line at hockey.

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Anonymous Toronto Realtor said...

Very nice article. The health care system in the US does need a lot of change. I see the advantage of Canadian system daily. The main question that always pops into my head when thinking about the US system is how are you supposed to afford insurance if you're unemployed? These days when loosing a job is a huge threat to anyone, loosing insurance with the job just seems cruel to me. What about the people who get sick and have to quit the job? US may have an outstanding number of good medical facilities that provide good health care, but providing it for anyone is the real problem. No insurance equals no health care.

Take care, Elli

6:44 AM  

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