Saturday, January 10, 2009

holden nomination

The Republicans have obviously picked Eric Holden out as the nominee to get, Bill Richardson mercifully having excused us all from watching his affairs being opened to scrutiny.

The GOPsters are fixated on his role in the Marc Rich pardon, which was a mistake but ultimately was Bill Clinton's call to make, right or wrong (wrong).

Why? Says the Post, Holder supporters fear that grueling confirmation hearings dissecting his record could interfere with Obama's effort to restore confidence in the Justice Department.

That's part of it. I think many of the Republicans are worried about what a rejuvenated Justice Department might do. After all, there is I suspect much more about the secretive and criminal-minded de facto Bush Administration that has yet to come out.

Also, the Republicans want Holder to demonstrate his "independence" from Obama. Funny, they didn't seem to care that Alberto Gonzales' lips were puckered at the derriere of Bush-Cheney the entire time HE was pretending to be Attorney General. Given Obama's track record, I suspect Holden will be FAR more independent than Gonzales or John Ashcroft were.

Oh, and judge Royce Lamberth has shed a little light on the Bush regime, which wanted to keep its visitor logs secret. Wouldn't want to reveal those oil and timber lobbyists who spend so much time there, eh? Not to mention Jeff Guckert.



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