Friday, January 02, 2009

this is news?

Some cutting edge political journalism appearing in the Washington Post today, I tell you what. For example, it is simply stunning to imagine that two senior staffers in the de facto Bush White House that have stuck out all eight years of Bush's time in office say NICE THINGS about Bush. Wow! Who'da thunk it? They say Bush makes good decisions, and say that Dick Cheney really wasn't running things.

Well we will all just have to completely revise our opinions of this Presidency, won't we? Not likely, but that's the reason for Steve Hadley and Josh Bolten giving this interview - another part of the last campaign of the Bush camp, the campaign to make sure history doesn't give him the same F-minus grade that the rest of us do.

In other political news, right wingers Roger Clegg think some of Barack Obama's nominees are too damn liberal. Wow! I'm stunned. This is really compelling stuff. This is like reporting that a native of Tahiti might think Nome, Alaska is too cold in winter.

Of COURSE they think so. They're right wingers. They think John frickin' McCain is suspiciously moderate, and Arlen Specter is just way on the liberal side.

And they're (mostly) leaving in less than the weeks, for at least four years. Good riddance.



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