Sunday, January 04, 2009


When is a logging road no longer a logging road?

When it is paved with concrete. Then, it isn't just for hauling trees out of the woods and off to markets - it is paving the way to build big fancy expensive houses in the forests in Montana. The benefits would flow to Plum Creek Timber, which is into real estate as well as chopping down trees.

The decision to allow these roads to be paved was made by the head of the Forest Service, a guy charged with managing our national forests for the benefits of the American people, NOT solely for timber companies and real estate developers. The head of the de facto Bush Administration's Forest Service? A guy called Mark Rey. His job before entering public service? He was a lobbyist for the timber industry.

And this is the sort of sweetheart deal you get when you allow foxes to oversee the chicken coop on behalf of other foxes.

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