Tuesday, January 06, 2009

be bold and don't listen to the god-damn republicans

President-elect Barack Obama is consulting with the Republicans about the stimulus package he wants Congress to pass. OK, I agree that it is wise to talk to the enemy. I have no problem with the upcoming Obama Administration talking to Iran. You often have to deal with people you find ideologically and morally disgusting. I guess the Obama Administration-elect can talk to the Republicans, too.

But that doesn't mean to kowtow to what the GOP Congressional types want. To paraphrase the missing de facto President George W. "14 more days" Bush (or was that Dick Cheney?), elections have consequences. Yes, they do. The Republicans lost in the House. The Republicans lost in the Senate. The Republicans lost the Presidential race. Sure, talk to them. But don't give them a veto, for pete's sake.

So Obama has come in with a stimulus proposal that is smaller and more based on tax cuts than what I would have hoped for. Personally, I think it's better to spend on projects, because people without jobs won't benefit from income tax cuts.

And of course, the Republicans want to do tax cuts THEIR way. Jon Kyl of Arizona wants to slash corporate and capital gains taxes - permanently. In other words, Jon Kyl of Arizona wants the Democratic Congress and the incoming Democratic President to pass REPUBLICAN tax cuts, tax cuts indistinguishable from those passed by Bush and the Lott/DeLay Congress back in Bush's first term. Because they worked oh so very well, right?

Meanwhile, House Minority Leader John Boehner said "I remain concerned about wasteful spending that might be attached to the tax relief. Simply put, we should not bury future generations under mountains of debt."

I can't believe that ... that ... that smug little prick (I'm restraining myself here) can say that with a straight face. What the hell does he think the Bush/Republican tax cuts and spending increases have done? Well, Boehner was close: the Republicans have already buried future generations under mountains of debt. While giving the Republican base, aka the elite, big wads of money to spend on Bernie Madow pyramid schemes, fourth summer homes, and yachts the size of aircraft carriers.

Obama said that there is no monopoly on good ideas. Well, if the Obama team is selective about it and puts their bullshit meter on maximum strength, they can see some decent Republican ideas mixed in with all the stupid ideological tax-cutting crap. For example the two Republican senators from Maine, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, appear to be sane. Collins wants to emphasize "transportation construction projects, energy-efficiency investments and a temporary increase in Medicaid assistance to states." Sounds good. And Snowe "has urged the inclusion of unemployment assistance, mortgage relief for strapped homeowners and programs to ease the credit crunch facing small businesses."

But don't listen to the Repubs too much. Remember, this is the modern Republican Party, the part of "Barack the Magic Negro" and Bush-Cheney, of climate change denial and support for torture. A party whose six contenders for the leadership position voted 6-0 that Ronald Reagan was a greater Republican president than ABRAHAM LINCOLN (admittedly cued by that supreme Reaganite leche-cul, Grover Norquist). This is a Republican Party that would REJECT Abraham Lincoln and his political attitudes if Honest Abe were around today as some sort of pinko RINO (Republican in name only).

Which reminds me, it is touching that another former Republican President, George H. W. Bush, whose biggest crime was begatting George W. Bush, now hopes his other son Jeb Bush can be President. Says Poppie, he wants Jeb to be able to serve our great country. I think we've had all the help from Bushes we can stand, thank you very much. If Jeb wants to serve, tell him to join the Army.



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Hi, I'm here as the result of an irresistible urge to google 'Boehner is a disgusting prick' out of the sheer maddening frustration I am experiencing over the current prospects of the Obama economic stimulus. Isn't Google marvellous? Glad to have found you! Great post, it was a pleasure, a dose of sanity with a sprinkle of comic relief to read. Thanks.

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