Tuesday, November 18, 2008

that burrowing sound

True to form, the de facto Bush Administration doesn't want to go quietly into the night and let that flaming radical socialist Barack Obama overturn all the nifty progress the Bushies have made on environmental protection. Specifically, giving protection to their friends in big business from environmental regulation.

So the EPA has been busy converting so-called Schedule C jobs - political positions - into career jobs and filling them with enemies of the environment. And it isn't just the EPA, other agencies are doing the same in an attempt to protect Bush policies and regulations from beyond the grave.

"Burrowing" - changing from political to career at the end of an administration to be able to keep your cushy government job - isn't new. Is the scale different this time?

We'll be sure it is if they convert the Deputy Administrator job at the EPA to a career position and appoint Dick Cheney to it.

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