Sunday, November 09, 2008

couple of comments from george will

Today's George Will column started off to me like it was going into apology for the GOP mode. But it shifted and he made a couple of good comments.

About Sarah Palin and the rush of some conservative Republicans to make her the leader for 2012, Will acidly notes that they are "confusing pugnacity with a political philosophy". Never a fan of Palin, Will castigated them for a "vice presidential choice based on chromosomes" and complains that they want to enter "the Democrats' terrain of identity politics."

Moving on to the President-Elect, Will said Barack Obama seemed to recognize what faces him, including the fact that many Americans did not vote for him (true of all Presidents, Will noted). And will finished by praising Obama's "agreeably subdued" Grant Park victory speech as "a prospective commander in chief finding his voice."



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