Friday, November 14, 2008

intolerance and idiocy in response to the election of barack obama, in two verses


The first verse is the song of hypocrisy being sung by a Catholic priest in South Carolina name of Scott Newman. Seems the good Father Newman is warning his parishioners that if they take Holy Communion after having voted for Barack Obama, their souls are at risk of eternal damnation, because such a vote "constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil." You know, because Obama is pro-choice. Or as Newman would probably put it, pro-baby-killing.

Newman claims this isn't partisan. Funny, how many Catholic priests or bishops have you heard threatening to excommunicate people for voting for pro-choice Republicans like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tom Ridge or Arlen Spector? None.

Why the hell is the Catholic leadership so hung up on this one issue? If Candidate A supported rape, worshiping graven idols, and giving cocaine to children but opposed abortion, would he or she automatically get the nod over a sane candidate who was pro-choice?

Their claims to nonpartisanship are bullshit. These conservative elements within the Catholic Church are bound and determined to support conservative Republicans. Abortion is their litmus test, but they are happy with their other stances, like being opposed to sex education in school, gay rights, and all the rest.

And Damn Fools

The second verse is a chorus of hate. Read this depressing compilation from Editor & Publisher of various news stories about people reacting to the election of Barack Obama in frankly offensive and racist ways.

Look, the upside down flag doesn't bug me. I felt like flying my flag upside down when de facto President George W. Bush was selected in 2000. Not because I'm anti-white.

But you can't explain away things like burning crosses in the front yard of a mixed-race couple who had an Obama sign out front.

People are idiots. But John McCain and even more Sarah Palin deserve some of the "credit" for these attitudes, with their nasty, innuendo-ridden campaign that left doubt in people's minds that Obama, clearly black, might also be Muslim (not that there is anything wrong with that, Colin Powell reminded us) and a terrorist. Hey, after whipping up the close-minded, the ignorant, the racist, and the stupid, you don't expect them to just accept this, do you?