Saturday, October 11, 2008

republican contradictions, october 11 edition

It's fun watching Republicans spout nonsense and contradict themselves and each other!

For example, John McCain actually told a woman not to call Barack Obama an Arab - conceding that Obama is a decent, if completely wrong about everything McCain believes in, American. But that tiny flash of decency continues to be contradicted by the absurd, spurious allegations of Obama being anti-American because he happened to live in a neighborhood and serve on charity boards, etc, with ex-Weatherman William Ayers. And further contradicted by other Republicans who want McCain to resurrect Obama's "associations" with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Why? Because Republicans are dirty fighters, as Harold Ford reminds us. Not just dirty - dangerous and reckless about the consequences to our society.

Meanwhile, Colin Powell says that Senator Ted Stevens was somebody whose "word you could rely on." Isn't Powell's value as a character witness ruined by the people he associated with? You know, people like de facto President George Bush and King Dick Cheney? Not to mention others in the sleazy wing of the Republican Party. Hell, Powell must be at least as much associated with Jack Abramoff and other disgraced Republicans as Obama is with Ayers.

In the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field I mean Anchorage, a bunch of Alaskan legislators - Republicans and Democrats - unanimously found that Governor Sarah Palin had abused her power in firing Walter Monegan as part of Sarah & Todd's personal campaign against their brother in law Michael Wooten. (Mudflats as usual is all over this.) But gosh, this contradicts the report released just a day earlier saying that the Palins had done nothing wrong. You know, the Palin on Palin report. Abusing power? Maybe Palin WAS a more appropriate Vice Presidential nominee than I'd realized.



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unreal unreal unreal

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All true, my friend.

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